Founded in 1999, Shayek Oriental is a successful company with 20 years of experience in yarns manufacturing.


With Persian descent and founded in Mexico, Shayek Oriental combines the ancient oriental techniques with Mexican excellence to achieve the manufacture of the best yarns in industry.

Cotton yarn

Cotton is one of the fibers mostly used for making fabrics and for spinning. Cotton yarn is considered as one of the basic materials around the world for weaving.

The manufacturing process of cotton yarn in Shayek Oriental, is a method that employs a high degree of care and professionalism.

Cotton yarns offer multiple benefits, among which are:

  • 1. It is a natural fiber.
  • 2. It does not cause skin irritation that triggers dermatitis.
  • 3. It offers purity and quality when not being treated with chlorine.
  • 4. It does not have toxic waste and therefore obtains a greater softness.

Dyed and mercerized yarns.

Ring spun yarn

100% cotton (Carded or Combed)

Polyester (50/50 or 100% Polyester)

Open end yarn

100% Cotton

50/50 Polyester/Cotton

Yarn twist in 2 ply and up to 6 ply, S-Twist and Z-Twist.

Polyester yarn

There is a wide applications for polyester fibers, such as rugs, cloths and even furniture, made of short fiber.

The Shayek Oriental polyester yarn is short fiber, cut to a specific length to be braided and form a yarn of the highest quality.